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Having lived in Spain for over 20 years, we at COMPLEAT CATERERS offer one of the most authentic Spanish dining experiences around. We specialise in creating an evening inspired by our life in Spain; Paella’s traditional to each region, tapas and traditional authentic deserts. Menus can be developed to cater for your event ensuring it is personal to you and memorable.

Our expertise creating delicious Spanish food and a great atmosphere are second to none, this is due to having access to authentic suppliers.

Our Spanish themed events are always a huge success and are tailor-made to cater for the atmosphere you want to achieve, whether it is a sit-down formal affair or a laid back relaxed gathering (mañana style). We can even provide Spanish speaking staff, authentic acoustic guitarists and Flamenco dancers!!

All of our paellas are cooked on site on gas burners in front of your guests to guarantee the ‘wow factor’, and our long list of tapas will have you in a quandary what to choose – they are all so delicious!

This is a completely tailor-made service, we sit down with each client and create a memory for you to keep forever.

We offer an exquisite evening of food transporting you to a cobbled street in the heart of Seville or the beaches of Marbella. Food in Spain is central to socializing and bringing people together,  at COMPLEAT CATERERS we aim to make your experience as real as possible. The Spanish Experience makes an amazing evening for two or a fabulous event for a wedding.

So what food will we create to ensure your event has the perfectly authentic Spanish atmosphere, below are some our most popular choices:


These are a must for a Spanish theme. Tapas consists of small bowls of delicious, authentic food that can be found all over Spain. It originated as a snack given on a small plate (tapa, meaning lid) and placed on top of a drink to prevent insects spoiling it. Look at our tapas repertoire to whet your appetite:

  • Albondigas (meatballs in tomato sauce)
  • Magro (pork chunks cooked in a rich tomato sauce)
  • Judias con jamon (chunks of Serrano ham and beans cooked in their own juices)
  • Champinones y ajo (sliced button mushrooms cooked with garlic and parsley)
  • Tortilla (Spanish potato and egg omelette)
  • Calamari (squid)
  • Adobo with alioli (slightly pickled white fish and deep fried served with a garlic mayonnaise)
  • Ensaladia Russa (Russian salad with chopped vegetables)
  • Ensaladia de mariscos (Mixed seafood salad with chopped peppers and onions)
  • Pollo con jerez (chicken thighs cooked in sherry and garlic)
  • Spanish cheese platter drizzled in olive oil and honey with a sprinkling or course sea salt
  • Spanish cured meat platter (Serrano ham, Salami, Chorizo, Cured pork loin)
  • Gambas pil pil (Atlantic prawns cooked in hot oil flavoured with garlic and chilli)
  • Patatas bravas (cubed potatoes fried in oil and served with a spicy mayonnaise)
  • Pimientos piquillos (tuna and cod stuffed peppers in a tomato and cream sauce)
  • Ensaladia de pimientos (roasted pepper and onion salad with olive oil and garlic)
  • Higado de pollo (chicken livers cooked in sherry and paprika)
  • Pinchos – a selection of skewers (prawn or chicken)
  • Serrano ham and manchego cheese croquettes
  • Vieiras con morcilla (scallops with black pudding)
  • Chorizo in rioja wine
  • Serrano ham with honey dew melon
  • Pan con tomate & serrano ham (crusty white baguette topped with crushed garlic and tomatoes and serrano ham)
  • Gazpacho shots
  • Boquerones
  • Pimientos padron (Russian roulette chargrilled green peppers)



All of our paellas are made using the finest quality and most authentic ingredients and are cooked in the traditional pans over gas burning rings in front of your guests. This way we can ensure people are getting the most unique and authentic experience without having to travel to Spain.

There are many different types of paella from the classic Valenciana to Fideua and each region has its own version. Paella is typically a rice dish with a crispy bottom called a Socarrat, jewelled with flecks of seafood, shellfish and meat.

  • Classic seafood paella – Made using a mixture of shellfish including clams, mussels and prawns as well as a mixture of white fish.
  • Classic meat paella – Made using a mixture of pork and chicken pieces, (rabbit is also available subject to its season).
  • Classic vegetable paella – Made using a mixture of seasonal vegetables.
  • Mixed paella – Made using a mixture of both meat and shellfish.
  • Squid ink paella (Traditional to the north of Spain) – Made using squid ink to colour the rice.
  • Lobster and langoustine paella – Made using the freshest lobster and langoustines available.
  • Fideua – Traditional paella originating from Valencia. It is made using short spaghetti like noodles instead of rice and typically includes both fish and meat.



Spain’s dessert scene is one that has almost gone unnoticed, however it is gleaming with delicious sweet and refreshing desserts!

  • From Madrid – Churros and chocolate… doughnut like tubes dusted in cinnamon sugar served with hot chocolate dipping sauce
  • From Cantabria – Sobaos Pasiegos… a typical Spanish sponge cake soaked in an almond sugar syrup
  • From Cataluña – Crema Catalan… Spain’s version of crème brûlée
  • From Galicia – Tarta de Santiago… an almond flavoured sponge, almost like a frangipane
  • From Asturias – Arroz con leche – a rice pudding like dessert normally flavoured with either cinnamon or vanilla
  • From Andalucía – Tocino de cielo meaning a bacon from heaven this is a truly unique dessert consisting of a set egg custard flavoured with vanilla and cinnamon and caramel. (No bacon is used)
  • Flan – Spain’s version of crème caramel




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